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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Take time to listen....

There's nothing better than knowing you are speaking to someone who is really listening and paying attention to your feelings, thoughts and ideas. You can be a mother, best friend, wife, husband, brother, sister, teacher, co-worker, boss, a customer service representative the list goes on, but when a person pays attention to that one person speaking, it is a very powerful moment. It is not easy to be consciously present in the moment of someone speaking to you because at times there are many distractions and we have busy lives with so much on our minds, -- but we do need to stop and remember it is one of the human qualities we have as individuals that sets us apart from all other living creatures. It is a wonderful and unforgettable experience when you feel you're being understood and it builds a strong connection that unfolds into many facets of truly successful business opportunities and sets the path to long lasting relationships. A good listener is always appreciated and valued and it's a skill that some need to work on harder than others, but no matter what level...there's always time to make time and really listen.


Hyde said...

I could not agree more! Great post.

New Follower.


momof2 said...

I agree Susanna. It really is an amazing skill and one many of us have to work on - me!