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Saturday, April 2, 2011

When was the last time you enjoyed cleaning a bathroom or kitchen?

Like so many of us, I've always dreaded the task of having to clean the bathroom and kitchen areas especially because when using kitchen/bathroom soap products to help sanitize, scrub down mildew, remove odors, disinfect and cut grease, etc. I would literally start to feel light headed and dizzy. To try and avoid these horrible fumes, I would sometimes even hold my breadth in order to not breath in the toxic vapors that were being outgassed throughout my home while trying to clean these areas. Have you known someone to be in this similar situation?  Of course, some choose to leave their windows open and ventilate the kitchen or bathroom areas;  However, not everyone has a nearby window option.  Or another option to consider, like I did, was to start using Eco-Sense products and experience the amazing difference. I love not having to use harmful chemicals or inhaling harsh fumes in order to get my cleaning job done right!!  Since I've switched to better and safer products I honestly enjoy cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms and don't dread having to do these tasks anymore. It sounds crazy, but I'm living proof of this life changing experience. I don't need to have the windows open when it's freezing outside just because I have to clean and disinfect. It also makes me feel better knowing my family is not falling victim to the in-door air pollution that was so prevalent before I started using my Eco-Sense products. I love the way the products work and compliment each other, I feel better knowing that I am contributing to making a smarter choice for our environment, for our health, our home and especially for our household budget!  I'm sharing this story because it's been a huge improvement in my household and I'd encourage you to switch to making a difference for yourself - having a non-toxic home makes all the difference and I wish I had learned about Eco-Sense 25 years ago!


Tina said...

I so agree. What a difference using environmentally friendly cleaners makes. It's 180 degrees. Hating to clean vs liking to clean.

momof2 said...

I completely agree Susanna! Products that use ammonia and bleach really affect me negatively. I get light headed, red in the face, and uncomfortable. Just think what they are doing to our bodies. What a difference in cleaning with Eco-Sense line. I even let the kids help.

I'm Just a Girl said...

I hate using bleach and other strong chemicals. They make me sick! I found you on Bloggy moms. Please check out my blogs when you get the chance. http://imjustagirl86.blogspot.com/