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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When is your family meal time?

As a busy mom, It's so easy to find ourselves caught up in our daily multi-tasks and with each family member having an endless "to do" list that demands a response at the speed of lightning. If this sounds familiar then it's really important to stop and ask ourselves:  When do we devote 15-30 minutes in our busy schedules to sit with family and enjoy each others company over a meal?

There is something special about being able to sit together at a meal, whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner with the family. One of the many important things I've learned as a parent is to take quality time aside and make it a daily habit to create a family meal moment that brings everybody together without any interruptions.  If we stop and consider the value of 20-30 minutes each day with our family, we will build priceless opportunities that will encourage healthy communication and lead to a stronger family connection. This social habit is not only a way to develop one's social skills in life but if you think about it, it also improves to strengthen the family's relationship as a unit. For us, a family meal moment is a time and place that everyone can relax, enjoy and help comfort one another. It's a therapeutic way to block out everything else and just be in the moment with each other, no matter what. 

Sometimes we may not want to sit, eat and talk, but even the simple act of being present and physically involved in a family meal gathering not only promotes family values but it also creates self- discipline.  So whether it's left overs or hot pancakes for dinner, or my personal favorite is pizza night - It's time to make time to get in the habit of sharing family time over a meal at home and doing it together! (no TV, phone calls, texting, etc.) 
What's your favorite family meal of the day and which is the most popular item on the menu? I'd love to share your experiences and hear what meal time works best for you and your family! 


momof2 said...

My kids are little so we have all of our meals together (except lunch when they are at school and my dh is at work). However, I know as they get older schedules will get more complicated. I like it when there is time to have a big breakfast together. A favorite is dutch babies and bacon at our house.

Katie said...

My family has ALWAYS had family meals and that's something I plan on sharing with my kids too. I strongly believe in the value of being together.

Following you back!!

Autherine said...

Thank for stopping by my blog! I try to get everyone to enjoy dinner together. It is challenging because the boys are toddlers and it gets very hectic but I won't give up on the effort b/c I really believe that it can become a treasured family time.

East9thStreet said...

I always have breakfast with my daughter (her dad leaves for work too early to join us). Its amusing to watch how she imitates me as now she wants to "read" the paper as well (she's 22 months). Plus, she's always happy in the morning and this is our special girl time.

Found you through MBC. http://east9thst.blogspot.com

My Journey With Candida said...

For me, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The one thing I drink every morning is a Carob, Flax Meal Breakfast Shake. Not only does it give me the omega 3 I need, but it keeps my body functioning and preventing constipation.

My Husband does not share in my healthy eating habbits, but we do have our meals together.... always.

Mrs. Diner said...

I grew up having dinner with my family every night, so we do the same. Love dinner time at our house! We are always trying something new, but I know the little diners' favorite is usually pizza!