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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A+ = Help People.....

...reach their full potential. Catch them doing something right    ~ K. Blanchard Ph.D., S. Johnson M.D.

Okay, so when was the last time you received positive reinforcement from your boss or manager? Was it at your annual review? Was it last week or did he/she say, "Great job" right on the spot, or perhaps it was after you took a step that lead you in the direction of your personal business goal?

"Catch them doing something right" - This is a very simple technique, and one that I believe works because it continually develops a person's mind set and encourages one to reach their short and long term goals. Think of how you encourage a toddler to start stepping and learning to walk.  Same strategy but different age group ;-) The technique helps to support a person with self-motivation plus it inspires them to work towards a job that is truly fulfilling and results in a rewarding experience. Who doesn't want that? I sure do and love being a part of it every day!

It's wonderful to go to work, (I work from home), and participate in celebrating every day the wonderful work that so many of us "work at home ceos" have accomplished towards reaching our personal and financial goals throughout the day, week and month at a time!!  Not just a once a year review. What job do you know does that? Plus, your not only helping yourself, but your helping others along the way to reach and make their goals turn into a reality too!!!   To be surrounded by a support team that genuinely  wants to see you reach your personal goals is certainly not as common as it should be in the work place....and if you're lucky enough to be a part of that already then congratulations to you because that is a wonderful place to be!

I wish you lots of success and if you're reading this and feel this is a bunch of fluff, then I invite you to join me for a free webcast and see if this company is a good fit for you and how I can help you achieve your goals. As so many would agree, this is a job that can be supplementing your current income and requires you to try it at no risk - it's about you!

To your health and success!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's in your DNA?

Enjoy this wonderful illustration of ones' perceptions from Simple Truths...please take a look and listen.
Throughout my life and those I've met, life's challenges come at all times, in all shapes and sizes. There are those of us who choose to perceive possibilities or solutions, and there are those who choose to perceive problems or obstacles. Which one are you?

I'm sure most of us would agree, it's not always clear to see positive alternatives when there are some obvious possibilities to choose from, or one does not realize what is right in front of you when it's facing you head on. However, with careful perception, if you decide to focus your mind on a positive alternative to produce a positive outcome - you will have a greater chance to enjoy your own life's experiences in the present moment and the future. The more I practice this with my own work and relationships, the better I feel both physically and mentally.

Again, life is always about choices. With a positive attitude, one also avoids resistance that leads to stress and like so many people I've met with positive DNA's, one also begins to look forward to finding more solutions throughout our lives and maintains a better well being because of it! What's your DNA - I'd love to here from you!

To Your Success and Health!