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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Safety First is a daily everyday necessity - don't you agree?

Do you know how many personal products you use daily?

Take a listen to Annie's Story with her great style!

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : The Story of Cosmetics

I'm sure you'd agree that having better choices and being able to make smarter decisions are the best part of learning. Thanks Annie for your great campaigns that educate so many and always offer great consumer insight!

I have to say I absolutely love all our personal care products now and knowing that they are safer for me and my family too offers a great peace of mind!

I truly see the value and share this safety mission and I hope you do too. After all it is so important to protect our own families and those we love; To help others see the value in making choices that do make a health difference! After all the best way to save time and money from medical bills is to prevent ourselves from getting sick!

To your Health and Safety First!


momof2 said...

I so agree it is very important that we educate ourselves on the types of products that we use. Just because something is sitting on a shelf for sale at your local store does not necessarily mean that it is good for your health.

Prototype Mama said...

I am so in love with products--- I really have to better educate myself on what I'm using. Esp. with me having a little girl, I don't want to pass that on to her


Michael Ann said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting The Big Green Bowl and becoming a follower! I came to see what your site is all about. It's very well-done and informative!