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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top 10 reasons for a viable Plan B are.....

Especially in these economic times, we can all think of many reasons why we need a viable Plan B; By viable, I mean a real business for real people, and a real business to last a lifetime.

I've listed below the Top 10 reasons for a viable Plan B;  So here we go.....

10. Earn more income to payoff debt
  9. Help with home mortgage
  8. Develop a retirement plan
  7. Multiple streams of Income
  6. Make money for health insurance
  5. Be able to do more for your family
  4. Create wealth for future generations
  3. Pay for College
  2. Job security
  1. Freedom to enjoy Life on Your Own Terms

You may have a combination of some or all the reasons listed above, but I'd like to hear from your perspective and share;

What's your #1 reason to have a viable Plan B?

.....Now here's what to look for when looking to find a reliable and viable Plan B partnership:

1. Company track record
2. Financially sound
3. Strong Management
4. Unique consumable products
5. Competitively priced
6. High Reorder Rate - over 95%
7. Low Personal Production Requirement
8. Low entry fee - Less than $30
9. Low attrition
10. Timing
11. No Breakaways
12. No Risk

Remember your time, your energy and your reputation need to always be highly respected and valued!
I hope this information helps you find the right opportunity and peace of mind because when you find it --- it's the best decision you'll ever make and YOU deserve to have the chance of a lifetime, to live your life, on your terms.

I wish you lots of success and health!

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manda said...

Great post. I love your site. Returning the follow from a drop of sweetness.