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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You want something. Go get it. Period.

Fantastic parenting moment.....Something we all need to remind ourselves and our children, students and grandchildren! What's your best motivational tip? ...please share!

To your Health and Success!


Denise said...

Go for it. And if you have to work hard, go for it even more. You will be strong.

In the age of technology, our kids want things quickly and the easy way. Academics is where we may gain skills, but hard work and our jobs along the way--that is where some valuable life skills are gained.


Kristi Miehls said...

Thanks for the post, Suzanna. It is a great reminder for parents.

Denise, your comment about technology is so true. I am a K-12 general & vocal music teacher. I see and hear students all the time complaining about needing to WORK at school.

The new school year is rapidly approaching. Hopefully this video clip will be something I can use with my daughters, and my students.

Have a great day!

Laura Waters said...

Wow, what a fantastic scene, almost brought tears to my eyes!! I would love to re-post this on my wall, I hope you don't mind...I know a few parents who could use this inspiration!!

momof2 said...

I love that Susanna! Very beautiful!

Lisa@Pink Kitchen said...

That was a very motivating clip. Thanks!