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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Your Business Only Benefits When Your Customers Benefit First!

How often have you felt like a valued customer because you received superior quality service and/or an exceptional product experience? It would be great if the answer were "always" and ongoing "value" too.  Plus, if you knew you were receiving customer benefits that continued to last you a lifetime!

In these economic times, so many believe that it is more important than ever to exceed a customer's satisfaction standards and increase costumer value offers too. Especially when you compare an average household consumer who is needing everyday products, there is a huge emphasis on cost savings and quality service/products. We also know there are endless choices in our local community stores and at our fingertips too that offer unlimited access to so many online stores to shop from 24/7. Lot's of special offers, lots of hype, celebrity endorsements and expensive advertising campaigns just to name a few.

When you see/shop at a traditional consumer store and read their open business hours -  you know they are not making money during their closed hours of operation. On the flip side, as a business partner, wouldn't it be nice to be making money while you sleep? What if there was also a documented customer re-order rate of 95% and 100% customer satisfaction on all store products too!! WOW - does that sound like an amazing company to you? What if the company were also a Green manufacturer, producing less waste and lower impact on the environment? Plus, knowing that all the production of these manufactured products were all backed-up by credible science teams and universities that combined the best of science and nature to deliver the best to you, the consumer! And awarded Inc. 500 Hall of Fame and Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame to add more value and credibility!

As any one reading this might agree, these simply stated facts are absolutely lifetime benefits to the end consumer. As a customer, I can appreciate a business with integrity, a business that delivers exceptional service/products to help optimize an individuals well-being and a business that respects our environment too.  We know all too well that some company standards place profits over products, and it is those companies that continue to devalue their integrity, their brand and more importantly their customer loyalty and customer benefits.

I hope the next time you shop for your necessities at home, personal care products, nutritionals and non-grocery consumables, etc., you look at the value of the brand and determine how it benefits you. If you question the service or brand that you are currently using, then it's time to switch stores and try a new brand! You deserve a better value, especially if it makes smart economic sense, would make a difference in your life, your loved ones and the environment you live in too!

I'd love to hear from some of your favorite shopping experiences or products!

To your health and success!