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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trash Inc. The Secret Life of Garbage

This story captures so many points of interest and will inspire anyone who is a consumer. Every minute of this video is worth watching.  It is important to look at this reality based on facts, and as a mother and an Eco-friendly consumer, it clearly outlines a message to all of us and helps to understand the magnitude of a universal problem as it impacts our environment and our well-being.

Some key points which are most shocking to me are the endless amounts of garbage we produce, where it travels to and our current status of the world trash crisis. As you will see, there are both long-term initiatives and short-term initiatives being made towards improving this garbage crisis. A sense of urgency is a clear message too and we all know we can start on immediate initiatives to help prevent the growing amount of trash in our homes, particularly as consumers of everyday products.

As this video points out, there are many communities, some more than others around the world, that actively participate in recycling programs which is a huge positive step. It's also encouraging to see so many schools and universities that educate and practice environmental responsibility for our younger consumer generation.

Trash Inc. The Secret Life of Garbage

As many of us would agree, 20 years ago - A "Going Green" lifestyle change was not a common consumer concern or business practice. I am extremely proud of those few business' that started over 20 years ago with a vision and dedication to environmental concerns particularly with consumable products and have established a business model that continues to grow stronger every year!

Educating ourselves and learning how to be a responsible consumer is an important step in the right direction. You are always one choice away from making a change, so please make a smart step today towards having cleaner water and a safer environment. If you are already doing this, Thank You!

As we continue to learn more from each other, please share what is your trash strategy at home, community or in your current business/company? It would be great to exchange some ideas and comments below to help spread some good green practices!

To your health and success!