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Friday, May 10, 2013

Coming together is a beginning....what's in it for you?

Honest Teamwork. When I started to work in Corporate America I felt as though it was always me, me, me, trying to advance myself and seeing my co-workers doing the same. Hmmmm, at times there was a sense of community and "group meetings" -- but for the most part, there wasn't a gut feeling of having a team of staff members who genuinely wanted me to succeed, resulting in a very competitive atmosphere!

Some may agree to this feeling and others may not, if you've been in this similar situation I can tell you from experience that there are some companies that really do practice and value Teamwork. If you are in that type of working environment - High Five!!!  These companies do value collaborative work and it's not for the ones who strive to be the "shining stars" but for those who are passionate and practice the true value of "team success". 

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. 

Henry Ford 

When we start to think about how can we help the other person achieve success....that's when we ALL achieve success. It's a hard concept to practice as corporations continue to value only the ones who stand out and fend for themselves. I used to think this is the only way to achieve success in the workplace too BUT I'm grateful to have learned over the years that this is not how I want to advance in business. I am now a business partner in a company that has taught me an honest approach on achieving success with ethical standards and transparent business practices.   

It is essential to build relationships with teammates, for their benefit, to start to help them work through their challenges and be willing to work alongside their efforts, to reach their goals. To inspire, to mentor and offer ways to improve the other members reach their highest potential is all a part of working together. By doing this simply, step by step, it also offers such a humbling experience and it allows one to achieve success, not only as a person but as a leader. It is not easy work, but it is the most rewarding from a personal and financial standpoint. 

I am grateful for the mentors who I had in corporate America, but looking back, it was never about my success, it was always about their success. I have experienced many corporate challenges in my career before motherhood, and have to say that the most professionally rewarding for me, has been with my current partnership as a co-owner of a company that truly wants to help me and my family succeed with my business, as I help others to do the same.  

Would love to hear why you work at your current job and how does it benefit you? 

Cheers to your success and happiness! 


momof2 said...

I am with you Susanna. It feels really good to help others ... of course, we would all like to advance our business and we need to. However, helping others brings the most accomplishment.

Susanna Carbajal said...

It really does Danielle. Thank you for your comment - much appreciated!

Lynn Barrera said...

Creating strong relationships is extremely key to any team success. It takes time to cultivate and shape your interactions with co workers and people in general. Coming from the heart is where it all needs to start.