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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Better, healthier, safer and habit saving tips!

These days, it seems more and more that we are looking to find better health, save on our daily expenses and help reduce our carbon footprint. Without question, some consumers may already be doing this and that is fantastic!! In some cases, others would add some more specific areas to help reach their personal, financial, environmental or health oriented goals. 

In my study, what I am learning along the way, is there are reliable resources available to look at your options, collect all the facts and information before making an informed decision that will be beneficial and add value to you without risk!  As a result, I have found what other families are doing to help in these areas, by simply using a products and services fact sheet that could help uncover some of your common daily expenses and saving habits too! With a simple overview, you too can learn how to reduce your monthly expenses and how to best reach your product needs without spending more money than you are currently doing. As we are looking to save, not spend more money and trying to get ahead, not behind, on bills, mortgage payments, maintain better health, etc, within our community, you will find this survey is an eye opener and a great way to identify your current expenses that could be significantly reduced with a convenient, simple and smarter Eco-friendly, Wellness, one stop shop!

I am looking forward to your input and always open to helping others find a better way to save on so many products and services that we all need and use on a daily, if not, monthly basis.

Let's look at your shopping needs and click here, then send your total score to me at susannaceo@gmail.com - if you are open to learning more about how you can switch and save we can schedule a time that works for you. Please include, best number and time for me to to call .

To your health and happiness!

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momof2 said...

Thanks Susanna, You really help simplify my search to save money while getting the best quality of products and keep my family healthy!