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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Buy These Things at a Dollar Store...and why not buy more?

Best 15 Things You Can Buy at the Dollar Store that will help you Save!!!!!

15) Greeting Cards

14) Party Supplies

13) Gift bags, party supplies and wrapping paper

12) Seasonal decor

11) Reading Glasses

10) Hair Accessories

9) Pregnancy Tests

8) Mugs and Glasses

7) Dishware

6) Storage containers

5) Picture Frames

4) Bagged or boxed Candy

3) Sox

2) Washcloths and dishtowels

1) Vases and decorative bowls

Supporting your local Dollar Store with items like these makes for a sensible shopping trip. In my experience, it's no surprise to see they also inventory personal care, cleaning and food products that may not be so sensible for consumers because they are made with cheap fillers and ingredients that are harmful to our skin, the air we breath, our natural waters that surround us, and our bodies.

When you start to compare wholesale product prices that are manufactured only with safer quality ingredients, there are some much better, alternative options that are available and just as affordable to choose from in the marketplace. Unfortunately, most of the major competitors are not able to offer healthier ingredients in their products because it is not profitable for them to do. If they did, their prices would be marked much higher than they are now and bargain buyers, like me, would not be able to afford nor would I want to spend additional dollars when I'm looking for the best buy!

On the other hand, the convenience and dependability with what we found, able to purchase and use at home for our family has been a remarkable way to effectively stay healthy, save money and receive amazing customer benefits too.  All for simply switching to a healthier store for all our necessities. Some questions to think about next time you use your shopping dollars: Why do you shop for your brand of choice and how safe and effective is what you are using?

I know we will continue to shop at the one Dollar Store for most of what is on this 15 item Best Buy list....as well as, our much needed selection they offer of office and school supplies!!!!  And with most, if not all of our other personal care, cleaning products, nutritionals, weight loss, health specific condition and web-specials, I will choose to buy from a safer, eco-friendly, store brand. Cheers to saving money wisely while doing some smart shopping!

To your health and happiness!

Thank you to MoneyTalk for these 15 Best Buys at the Dollar Store!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Always time for this Helpful 3 Minute Attitude Changer

Here's a great music video to start your day off on a positive beat!!  Big thanks to the talented Pharrell Williams... Turn up your speakers and Enjoy the music soundtrack from the movie - Dispicable Me2.

To a Happy Healthy 2014